Press Release

Granzella's Racing Game, "Hyper Torque Racing"
Update Goes Live on Nintendo Switch

Granzella Inc. released patch update version 1.0.2 for "Hyper Torque Racing" for Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2023.

"Hyper Torque Racing" is a racing game with simple visuals but offers a deep and realistic racer experience.

 This update adds new courses in the UK and France to the existing ten courses, bringing the total number of long and short courses to 14. Also newly added is the "GP VOLT" (Grand Prix Volt) mode, in which players can enjoy racing in electric cars. Racing with electric cars gives drivers a different sense of control than with conventional motor vehicles.
Please update your game and enjoy the new courses, electric car races, and other new features!

Move the car with just the accelerator, brake, and steering wheel.
The simplified driving operations give you a deep, authentic racer experience you can enjoy.

"HT(Hyper Torque) Mode" is the mode in which you will belong to a team as a racer to challenge the competition in many countries.
Advance through the regional competitions to win the World Championships!

"Time Attack Mode" to drive alone. With the ranking function, you can compete with racers from all over the world for the best time.

New features added in the update (ver. 1.0.2)

"UK Course"
It has a striking straightaway.

"French Course"
It drives through large bridges and tunnels.

"GP (Grand Prix) VOLT" is for electric car racing.
Enjoy the unique feel of electric car operation.

Hyper Torque Racing: Product Overview

Title Hyper Torque Racing
Genre Racing game
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date Now available
Sales Method Download (Nintendo eShop)
Price United States $ 6.99
Eurozone € 6,39
Language English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish,Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
Official Website
Promotional Video
Social Media X (formerly Twitter)
Credit notation ©3ED Works / Published by Granzella Inc.